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Наш секрет / La verdad oculta

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Galilea Montijo as Gabriela
Gabriel Soto as David
Alejandra Barros as Alejandra
Eduardo Yanez as Juan Jose
Maria Sorte as Yolanda
Julio Aleman as Adolfo
Hector Ortega as Mario/Fausto (Santiago)
Irma Lozano as Dora
Eric del Castillo as Gregorio
Salvador Sanchez as Dante
Lalo "El Mimo" as Asuncion
Marco Mendez as Carlos
Margarita Magana as Bertha
Harry Geithner as Leonardo
Claudia Troyo as Julieta
Cecilia Tijerina as Susana
Fabian Robles as Roberto
Bibelot Mansur as Mina
Bobby Larios as Marcos



Русское название: Наш секрет
Оригинальное название: La Verdad Oculta
Актеры: Галилея Монтихо, Габриэль Сото, Алехандра Баррос, Эдуардо Яньес, Мария Сорте, Гарри Гейтнер, Ирма Лосано, Фабиан Роблес, Артуро Кармона, Клаудия Тройо, Хулио Алеман, Сесилия Тихерина
Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: Мексика
Производство: Televisa
Количество серий: 60



This is an exciting history of love, intrigue and secrets that focusus around two pairs. First is the one of David Genovés and Gabriela Guillén, a good and intelligent girl that works as a waiter in the restaurant that David administers and is property of his father, Mario Genovés. The second pair is the one of Juan Jose, who spent 11 years in prison through a crime that he did not commit, and Alejandra, a young architect whose social class is very over the one of Juan Jose, but she loved him at first sight and will fight to gain his heart. 

When Gabriela and her sister Julieta enter to work in the restaurant, David feels immediately attracted by her, and not only he; also Carlos, its partner, who has made an impression by the beauty of Gabriela. Among them a great rivalry arises to conquer it, but although Gabriela is in love with David, among them arise multiple conflicts and she doubts her sincerity, still more when appears in its life Leonardo, a commander of the police who becomes his protector, but who she has to hide the love that feels by her. She will spend long time before she accepts that in fact she loves David and who it is sincere; nevertheless, her relation will be difficult and conflicting due to the intrigue of Carlos and the jealous character of David. Gabriela ignores that its father, the Faustus, and Mario Genovés, knew itself many years ago and shares a terrible and painful secret. Now, the encounter of these two men agrees with a great tragedy: Mario finds out that she has an inoperable tumor and it has left just a short time of life. In order to protect the inheritance of his son, knowing that his partner Adolph is an individual without scruples that would seize of its fortune, Mario convinces Faustus to disguise himself and to take his place before all until the term of its society with Adolph finishes. For it, it constructs a secret tunnel that communicates its mansion with the contiguous house, that is left. There, the Faustus will have his factory of make-up products to be able to supplant Mario.

And Alejandra and Juan Jose? Then they will share the secret of her uncle Mario and she will be in charge of the construction of the tunnel, and Juan Jose will see itself suddenly inheriting a fabulous fortune that will allow him not only to fight by the love of Alejandra, but to be united to Mario and Faustus in his audacious plan, since he also has a pending account with the evildoer Adolph. Equally, the Commander Leonardo Faidella will have an important role when investigating and to discover the illicit businesses of Adolph. The confrontation that they will have with him will be a fundamental piece in the final outcome of this exciting and romantic history.