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Секретные материалы / X-Files (США)

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  6 сезон!! Обожаю эти фоточки!!! :yep:






4 сезон!!!!!! :D




Забавные манипуляции Малдера и Скалли!!! :love:

How far we've come





Apologize (Scully and Mulder)!!!!





Cold as Ice - A Diana Fowley [hate] Video.





Ну вот и я сюды выбралась. Решила  вспомнить этот фильм. Он мне когда-то очень нравился. У меня и книги были. А сейчас я уже чего-то плохо помню. Но надеюсь, здесь мне удастся что-нибудь вспомнить.
Сейчас вот в голову пришло, была какая-то серия где они искали какого-то человека, который создавал оружие массового уничтожения. Там ещё был какой-то то ли остров, то ли атолл, на котором этот человек когда-то жил, а потом американцы проводили там испытание атомной бомбы, в результате чего все люди, которые там жили - погибли, а он остался один и решил мстить. Вот такие расплывчатые воспоминания. Не напомнишь, что там было поконкретнее?



Новые промо-фото к фильму!!!!!!!!!!!









Лолиточка  написал(а):

Вот такие расплывчатые воспоминания. Не напомнишь, что там было поконкретнее?

Что-то я не помню такого, давно сериал не пересматривала, там столько всего было!!!! Вот скоро второй фильм будет, хочу посмотреть!!! Я  этот сериал с самого детства обожала, есть на DVD,очень интересный!!!! Особенно люблю Малдера и Скалли,как родные стали!!! :love:

Заходи сюда иногда , я новые фоточки  здесь выкладываю, вспоминаю потихоньку!!! :D



Может быть это я в книге читала? А по всем книгам фильмы снимали?
Спасибо за фоточки и за видео. Начинаю потихоньку вспоминать.



Лолиточка написал(а):

Может быть это я в книге читала?

Думаю что так!!! Я тоже что-то такое  вспомнила!!!



This is a very shippy, romantic video about Mulder and Scully. The song is 'Hero' by Enrique Eglesias.





Обожаю этот трейлер по  мифологии сериала X files, самое лучшее, что я видела!!!!

The X-Files: I Want To Believe.





Очень интересное видео!!!( Как  Духовны и Андерсон ненавидят  друг друга) :D

How Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny *hate* each other!!! :D





Новые фото из ино журналов!!!




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From Total Film Magazine #143, July 2008 Issue







Сама статья!!!!

**The X-Factor***
--As paranormal paramours Mulder and Scully return with 'The X Files: I Want To Believe', Total Film visits the set to see if X still marks the spot in a post 9/11 age...

February 28, 2008.
Total Film is visiting the set of 'The X Files: I Want to Believe', but something is wrong. Normally, we're invited to stand up close to the director, the unit publicist whispering promises about "observing the process". Hell, normally, we're handed press notes-a script even, and offered lengthly descriptions of the plot and every character in it. Not tonight.

Tonight, we're driven to the former Riverview psychiatric hospital just outside Vancouver, Canada, and escorted into a dark, squalid holding room that looks like a prison cell (and probably was). We can watch the shoot, but only from a monitor without sound, situated a long, long way down a dingy corridor.

What we do know is this: the scene we are witnessing is set in a Catholic hospital, where ex-FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are talking about the condition of a mystery patient who's crucial to their case. Nobody is willing to divulge even the tiniest of details about the plot-like what the hell Billy Connolly is doing wandering the halls in his pyjamas? Is he the mystery patient perhaps? "I'd tell you", the Scottish comedian quips as he flaps by, "but then I'd have to kill you!"

It seems Connolly isn't entirely joking. The non-disclosure agreement he and every cast and crew member signed, is taken very seriously. No one on set is about to spill any beans and producer/co-writer Frank Spotnitz, who produced, wrote and directed more than 40 episodes of the TV series during its nine-year run from 1993-2002, is unapologetic.

"There are millions of directions we could go with Mulder and Scully and we just want to preserve the element of surprise", he explains, shrugging his shoulders. "So the first thing we did was refuse to let anybody read the script. Only people who absolutely had to read it for their jobs were able to read it and even they didn't get copies of it. The scripts are still in a safe in our production office with a video camera in the room. You only get to read it in that room and you have to sign in and out." Spotnitz grins. "So while we've had a lot of stuff circulate on the internet", he continues, "I'm happy to say at least as much of it is bogus as is genuine. Nobody knows what to believe... and that works great for us!"

Even David Duchovny, returning off a Golden Globe win for his TV comedy Californication:cool: admits that he had to beg director, co-writer and producer Chris Carter for his own script. "Chris and Frank first came to my house and dropped off the script to get me to sign on, but then they came back an hour later and took it away!" he laughs. "There was a while where I couldn't get my own copy and I'd have to go to Chris' office to read and work on it. Finally I said, 'You know, unless you want me showing up completely unprepared, you should probably let one go!'"

So what can we believe? The web is abuzz with talk of storylines involving medical experiments, mad scientists, wicked priests, werewolves and aliens, but there are some facts Total Film can confirm. The film takes place six years after we last saw Mulder and Scully in the final episode of the TV series (should you need reminding, they finished the show as fugitives on the run from the FBI) and this has bled into the new film: it's not just the actors, but also the characters that are six years older. Total Film earlier explored Mulder's new office, located not in the basement of the FBI, but at his home, and it soon becomes clear that Mulder and Scully are no longer FBI agents.
Not that you need to know the backstory. Duchovny is at pains to stress that the new movie is accessible to all, not just 'X-Files' nuts. "It's a stand-alone thriller in the mode of 'The Silence Of The Lambs' rather than a movie that leans heavily on the backstory of the show's mythology", reveals the actor.

To get a bigger picture, though, Total Film soon realises the only method is to ask everyone for a scrap of data, and then piece those shreds together. So we approach Chris Carter, a youthful looking, white haired 41 year old surfer-type whose playful poodle Larry sits beside him. Reluctantly, Carter offers one key tidbit. "It's not a mythology episode and there are no aliens", he drawls, hesitantly. "It's really drawing from the news headlines. There are things that you'll recognise, that we're all familiar with and dealing with today in one way or another." For all the talk of mad scientists and werewolves then, it seems 'I Want To Believe' might just be holding a grimy mirror to a post-9/11 world rather than offering a escape hatch into a land of blissful fantasy.

Spotnitz won't say. "It's much more about the relationship between Mulder and Scully this time," :love: he insists, shifting the focus. "But since this is an X Files movie, it's also scary, frightening and very dark. And Billy Connolly's character is especially creepy!"
The Scottish funnyman is not the only new character on display, expect two new FBI agents.....one played by 'Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip's' Amanda Peet and the other by LA rapper Xzibit, but Connolly is clearly a pivotal figure in the new story. Naturally, infuriatingly, no one will confirm a single damn thing, but he may or may not be a priest who Mulder wants to recruit to help solve their case. Scully, obviously, is more hesitant, being a woman of science.

Whatever the hell he is or isn't, Spotnitz insists Connolly was their first choice. "We approached him because we're big fans and think he can do just about anything", he beams. Carter later adds: "I'm glad you get who he is and I don't have to explain any more than that, because you're not American."

And Connolly himself? He's just flattered to accept the role and still seems bemused that he flies under the radar in the US. "I'd been working on the movie a few weeks when David Duchovny finally turned to me and said, 'Were you a squirrel in 'Open Season'? My kids loved you!'"

Here's the thing: the budget on 'I Want To Believe' is only $30m. It's worth bringing up because it indicates that everyone-filmmakers, actors and most of all the studio-knows there's a big risk factor in making a movie six years after the show that inspired it went off air. It's for this reason that Duchovny and Anderson have deferred their payments in back-end deals, a gamble on whether anybody still cares. "It's an investment in the future of the franchise," Duchovny says bluntly. "If we make an immensely successful movie and all the money is on the screen, we may get to make more."

It's no coincidence that the series went off air shortly after 9/11 and after the New York Times authoritatively delegated it 'out' in an 'In & Out' list published around that time. Yet Spotnitz is not worried that the government conspiracy slant of the show may be difficult to navigate in today's political climate.

"This movie is not a conspiracy story so it's not relevant," he states, a little too defensively. "I think everyone can agree that a lot has changed in the world since 9/11, but all we can do is try to dig deep about what we are all feeling right now and put that in the movie. I know we've done that, so whether it jives with what the world is feeling or not, we'll see..."

It's clear that nobody has much of a clue whether the movie will sink or swim. But they want to believe...

And Carter does. He, alone, thinks he's got that answer. Flashing a casual smile he cites the New York comic-con he attended with Duchovny and Anderson. It was sold out. With screaming fans. "When all these people showed up and were still crazy for the show, it honestly came as a surprise to me," he marvels. "What's also interesting is there are people who are now in college who come up to me and say, 'My mom and dad wouldn't let me watch 'The X Files' because I was too young.'" The smile widens. "So there is a whole new audience that can be introduced to it now."

DAVID DUCHOVNY: Mulling with Mulder...
How does it feel being back in Mulder's skin?

It feels good because we've been talking about it since the show ended and it was always my hope that we'd continue in movie form. We did nine years of the show and it was a natural transition, so I'm hoping that this is the start of many more films.

How did it feel being back on set with Gillian Anderson

I did a lot of action sequences on my own in Vancouver before Gillian even arrived and I thought it would be a little awkward and it was, but as time went on and I got to work more with Gillian in certain scenes, it began to feel familiar in a good way.

What's going on with Mulder when we see him in this film?There's a six year gap for us and for them also and the gap has been filled in an interesting manner. Mulder's having a career crisis and there's definitely an emotional sense of things going on in his life in terms of women that would not have happened in the series. I think people will be surprised and a little shocked at what has happened in those six years. :O
Do you think it's a risky move to make the movie now?

Whether or not we'll get the nostalgia vote or we'll get a vote from people discovering it again, you also hope you can convert new fans to it because quality always works. It would be really nice for it to continue in some kind of cyclical capacity every three or four years, but if this project was the last thing we ever did with 'The X Files' then I'm happy with the work and the impact and all the things we did with the show and the movies.

GILLIAN ANDERSON: Scully seeks the truth...
How did it feel being back on the set with David after all these years?

Because we've seen each other in between those years and we did a week of rehearsals and spent some time together in LA before coming up to Vancouver, we kind of got the opportunity to gauge where we were at. Fortunately, that dynamic was still alive and well, so that when we started shooting again, it just showed up when we showed up.

How did you approach Scully's character six years later?It's an interesting balance to strike between playing somebody that people recognise and expect to see, and playing someone who has evolved and gotten older. I'm relying on natural aging to inform the character, but there've been some bumps along the way where I expected it to be easier than it actually was. Regardless of whether I played the character before or not, it has brought its own challenges.

How have you changed since you started on the X Files?

I started out as a 24 year old growing up in this Petri dish of this series where I fell and tripped and did everything in a very in-your-face public way. I think today, I make different choices and get affected by things differently, and so in that sense I've matured as anybody matures when they get older.

How do you think the X Files movie reflects today's politics and conspiracies?

This film has very little to do with what's going on in the rest of the world and I think that's what people search out at various times in current events. They want venues for escape and that's something we're providing them.

What do you think of your place in TV history now?

I occasionally see us in reruns or catch glimpses of YouTube clips that people put together with Mulder and Scully, and I've gotten more of a sense of how big and intense and iconic it was in retrospect than I ever did at the time.

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Переводить всё не буду, так как ничего нового  о сюжете нового фильма   здесь нет,  как всегда завеса тайны!!! :D

Но  есть кое-что интересное и очень тревожное в словах DD  о жизни Малдера!!!!( это похоже на спойлер)!!!

Он говорит о том, что в жизни Малдера кризис в проф. плане( карьера,а собственно, у него разве когда-нибудь была карьерная лестница или вообще карьера!!???? :D )

Говорит о личной жизни и упоминает о женщинах .... не упоминается кто конкретно , но вероятно не только речь о Скалли , но и о др...

  DD   говорит , что будет поворот событий которого не было в сериале и зрители будут очень удивлены, шокированы  произошедшими переменами, думаю речь идёт о переменах в личной жизни!!!



Фрэнк  утверждает , что это будет эмоциональная и очень личная история о Малдере и Скалли; фильм очень тёмный и страшный!!!!

Малдер устроил  иксфайловский кабинет прямо в своём доме( значит он точно не в ФБР работает)!!! Малдер не меняется!! :D

Отредактировано kotenoklove (16.06.2008 09:23)



kotenoklove написал(а):

Забавные манипуляции Малдера и Скалли!!!

Ага, есть очень правдоподобные :)

kotenoklove написал(а):

Но  есть кое-что интересное и очень тревожное в словах DD  о жизни Малдера!!!!( это похоже на спойлер)!!!

Каждый раз, когда появляется подобный "спойлер", то аж "передергивает"- каких неприятностей еще ожидать, и чем это все закончится!

kotenoklove написал(а):

карьера,а собственно, у него разве когда-нибудь была карьерная лестница или вообще карьера!!????  )

это пошутили так :)

kotenoklove написал(а):

Малдер не меняется!!

Кто б сомневался! На то он и Малдер :crazyfun:



Лолиточка написал(а):

Сейчас вот в голову пришло, была какая-то серия где они искали какого-то человека, который создавал оружие массового уничтожения. Там ещё был какой-то то ли остров, то ли атолл, на котором этот человек когда-то жил, а потом американцы проводили там испытание атомной бомбы, в результате чего все люди, которые там жили - погибли, а он остался один и решил мстить. Вот такие расплывчатые воспоминания. Не напомнишь, что там было поконкретнее

Лолиточка написал(а):

Может быть это я в книге читала? А по всем книгам фильмы снимали?

Судя по описанию-это книга " Эпицентр"
Серии есть не по всем книгам. Есть авторские(  одна из них Эпицентр ) - по ним серий нет, но это "официальные" истории; есть книги-новеллизации- по телесериям; есть опубликованные фанфики- понятное дело, что это версии фанов и серий на них нет)))